David Nilsen takes some time to think about a dismal bookshop of his own.

I Like To Rub Things

The newest addition to The Samizdat, Katie Gabbard, shares some tips to help you begin creating your own charcoal rubbings.

Richard Mourdock: God Intended This Smear Campaign

Greg Surber considers the case of Richard Mourdock, recent candidate for U.S. Senate from the State of Indiana.

Supernatural Christians Present: Momma Through The Window (EP)

Supernatural Christians bring the world to its knees with sounds tonic and supersonic…. Just kidding. M.S. Birt outright refused to listen to their debut EP.

Will I Darken The Oval?

The current presidential race leaves S.D. Birt in a state of political anguish.

A Force For Peace

S.D. Birt details the history of Friendship Force of Dayton.

Mad Men: Civilization And Its Discontents

M.S. Birt takes a closer look at the pilot episode of AMC’s Mad Men.

Netherman EP

An introduction to Netherman and his first EP.

Recent News

On Misanthropy

A simple book review reminds M.S. Birt of his intellectual laziness.

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A Dismal Bookshop Of One’s Own

With Theodore Dalrymple as his muse, M.S. Birt pauses to read and have a pint or two in the bookshop/tavern of his imagination.

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Three Poems

Clay Carter debuts on The Samizdat with three original poems.

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Write Like Your Parents Are Already Dead

David Nilsen considers the second best writing advice he’s ever encountered.

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Welcome To The Internet Party

Phil Cox reflects on the impact of the internet on his intellectual journey.

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Target Audience


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Do Humans Dream Of Synthetic Sheep?

Greg Surber gets lost in a maze of possibilities as he ponders the blinding pace of scientific and technological innovation.

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Doors, Windows And Gates

In his latest photo collection, S.D. Birt peers into and out of doors, windows and gates.

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